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The shirt has been accompanying and characterizing manís life from centuries. Expression of elegance, refinement but also of freedom, without neglecting the comfort, yet always staying in step with fashion, it has been worn by emperors, commanders, common people both in the countryside and the cities.

Every MORANI shirt is a piece of art, cut and assembled with rare ability by our tailors; every piece of clothing is different from the next and has individual touches that make it unique.

A MORANI shirt may make all the difference. Its style can be recognized from a distance; a man is defined by what he wears: a color, fabric, a button, or even just embroidered initials, changing a simple shirt into a Shirt with a capital S.

Our passion for our work leads us to always give our best. Our customer knows he will receive a stylish product with attention to every detail, created just for him.

We specialize in fulfilling our customersí desires in every detail, controlling the shirt to obtain state-of-the-art clothing in harmony with the person who wears it, and, most of all, providing precise service with respect for every single need.

As a shirt without a tie is just like the rain without raindrops, MORANI is specialized in producing ties also.

"La cravate est l'homme", a certainly essential accessory of the classical man clothing. Through it the man can express his own nature and his own daily moods. The ties are back in fashion, accessories that are symbols of male elegance, a new way to confront your partner, to communicate. For each man the tie acts as a real and own visit card.

Thanks to a large palette of colors, patterns and fabrics, a fine tie matched to a perfect shirt will always send a message whether it is to impress someone or to impose yourself.

The opposite and complementary features of current classical and fashionable styles are the real essence of MORANI which offers a wide range of products that cover several targets. Everything is carefully studied to satisfy man, who loves comfort and elegance in his special or relaxing moments. The products of MORANI stand out for its high tailoring content and its stylistic originality and the style evolves throughout time without changing its essence.

MORANI came to life under the roof of Echo International , a Romanian company that from the foundation moment until present time granted a special attention and importance to the process of developing own brands, especially MORANI for clothing articles and Snowdeity for home textiles.

Our target is to satisfy our clients, to increase our market share, to attract new partners and enlarge the range of products, but without loosing focus of the star products that we promote: shirts and ties.

Our experience accumulated in time, sustained by the professionalism during the design process, production and distribution allow us, Echo International, to provide services of very high quality to our present collaborators and clients but also to our future partners and customers.